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Thursday, December 31, 2009

&ita Maternity Giveaway - Cutest With Nice Smile Baby Contest

*Sticky Mode Until 31 December 2009*

Salam..dah nk akhir tahun nih..dan dekat2 nk 'malatops' nih...sajer2 tadak kijer..join ler giveaway nih kan...kot2 ler dapat..rezeki anak ummi ler...takpun bleh bg hadiah kt anak org plak..;))



To participate, me and you just need to do the followings..
let browse how I make it :

I've add &ita maternity banner & links to my blog lists


I've copied this code to display here

I've attach a photo with my cutest smiling baby...the most cutest is it?

(sekeping je cam ummi nih)

"How sweet n cute he is walopun tadak gigi"

And lastly,
i've email her my participation at

***Psst...Don't forget
to leave your blog name/email***

As a token of appreciation to her friends and customer,
&ita Maternity would like to having a giveaway. These are what she's going to offer:-

Long Sleeve cardigan with your own choice of color




Set of 2 Combimini slip socks

[Boleh pilih socks ni nak yang mana]




MikiHouse Socks

Oleh kerana sambutan yg amat menggalakkan contest ini, &ita Maternity telah melanjutkan ke tarikh

31 December 2009
dan result will announce on
5th January 2010
The winner will be selected based on the most cutest smile.

Harap maklum....


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